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Massive Marketing Membership Package For You PLUS Earn Money Promoting This Massive Package!

As I am in the process of making this better by the day, I am offering you an introductory special offer.

I am offering a package of products for your credit repair business that will give you all you need to market your service. In this package of over 100 ebooks, software, articles and more is all you need. Here is what I have for you.

Email marketing is very importance to marketing online. When someone goes to your site, you know that they are probably interested in what you have to offer but here is the mind set of these people. One, they have seen other agencies and they don’t know which one to decide on. Two, they are in the middle of driving, eating, at the office or anywhere that is distracting them from putting their full attention on your service. So what happens is the they end up leaving and never coming back. Three, they don’t know if they can trust your service enough to make a commitment.

Any of these three problems is solved with email marketing. I have several products on credit repair and finance that you can give away to your visitors. The only thing they need to do is enter their name and email address and they can download the ebook. Or you can offer an email course for them like 7 steps to good credit. I already have a system I am offering in the making and it will be available real soon. I do have some emails set up for you to copy if you are an FES agent or you can visit the articles section of the membership back end and use them as emails, It works perfect and it is informative. I have products and tutorials in how to go about getting their email address and knowing what to write to them when you do to get them to commit to your service. It is said it takes 5 to 7 contacts before someone responds. Also with email, they can read about your service on their own time.

Or course you need to first get them to come to your site. I have tons of ebooks and software on internet marketing, network marketing, social media marketing and more. I have a section on article marketing as well which teaches you how content on your website or blog attracts not just people’s attention to learn but for the search engines also. I have included tutorials on article marketing, thousands of articles (and more always being added) and software the takes an already written article and rewrites it to be original because the search engines do not like duplicate content so you now don’t have to worry about what to write about.

There are well over 100 products in this great marketing package and it is growing every day. This package costs now $47 on another page for marketing for credit agents but in this offer I am letting it go for only $17 and you will never pay anymore than that so as it grows you are still a member forever. I will have this package at it’s prime in a week with graphics and much more and then I will be taking this offer away so you had better get it now at this price. Also the amount of content in this package is huge and it is exactly what you need to be successful marketing your credit repair business.

I am also going to give you an affiliate link. Yes you will be promoting the main membership purchase page that sells the package  (Thousands of Dollars) for $47 and when someone in your down line or another agent buys you will get 50% of $47! This is the page you will promote

Click on the buy now button and I look forward to seeing you in the back office. You will not regret it. I even guarantee this or your money back if you email me in 24 hours of purchase.


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Become an affiliate and get your affiliate link and promote the main page  – with your first sale you will get both $23.50 AND a FREE Membership. How about that?

To your success, Steve James

Author: SJ

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